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Projects in Transdniestria

Wellbeing, Education, Living & Leisure

We operate hygiene, computer purchase, refurbishment and playground programmes

Basic hygiene products (Transdniestria)

Each year and sometimes twice since 2006, we have been providing basic hygiene products including; toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, washing powder, sanitary wear, baby’s nappies etc. to Glinoe, Tiraspol Baby Home and Chobruchi orphanages. The goods are bought locally through a cash and carry we have built up a relationship with. They deliver everything free of charge as a goodwill gesture. We achieve this by either wiring funds to our man on the ground, Vladimir Golovaty or we bring funds with us on our annual visit.

The total cost per year to achieve this is approx. €6,000.

Computer Purchase Scheme (Transdniestria)

A very recent project (2016 & 2017) has been to replace the very outdated computers in Glinoe Orphanage. During our visit in October 2016 we purchased 2 modern computers together with flat screens and relevant software including Microsoft Word, Excel etc. In April 2017 we purchased a further 5 of the same specification. The computer teacher (Mr. Vasiliy) couldn’t believe his eyes when we turned up with the new machines and told us that the new computers will “change the children’s lives and make a massive difference in the quality of the education they receive”. It is our intention to roll this scheme out to other orphanages in Transdniestria when funds become available.

Each new computer can be purchased locally for €380.

TV’s for Baby Home in Tiraspol (Transdniestria)

During our trip in October 2016 we purchased a new flat screen TV for the baby home in Tiraspol as there old TV had broken. The toddlers love to watch cartoons as all children do! We hope to replace all there TV’s over time.

TV's can be purchased locally at a cost of €250.

Bedrooms (Transdniestria)

Back in 2006 we refurbished one of the dormitories in Glenoi Orphanage. This was our biggest and most expensive project to-date. The project was a massive success. The children are now sleeping in warm comfortable beds and surroundings.

It cost in the region of €10,000.

Glinoe Orphanage – Playground (Transdniestria)

One of the first projects we undertook (2007) was to build a playground for Glinoe Orphanage. This involved transporting an old playground in a container from Belfast, having it restored in Tiraspol (capital of Transdniestria) by local tradesmen and rebuilding it on-site at the orphanage. This project was a tremendous success and a testament to the workmanship is that it still stands today! In 2017 we replaced some of the swings which were damaged.

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Other Countries

Libya and Syria

Since 2011 Medaid4kids has supplied Libya with medical supplies and equipment. We have sent containers to Benghazi, Misurata, Emsolat,Tripoli and Albayda. We have helped hospitals, clinics, field hospitals by supplying consumables, ambulances, wheelchairs and even a 40ft articulated truck!


We work with an organisation called ‘Wheels for the World’ in Thailand where we supply wheelchairs and walking aids to people throughout the country.


We have supplied medical assistance to Kenya through the metropolitan church in Belfast. We have sent 3 containers to-date.


We helped a local organisation to supply water to the villages that had been affected by an earthquake. We supplied water bowsers that they sunk into the ground and we mounted one on a Toyota pick-up truck that would draw the water from the well and drive round the villages filling up the sunken bowsers.

Somalia We supplied medical supplies and equipment for a variety of hospitals and clinics.

India We supplied one container of medical supplies.

Pakistan We supplied hospital beds for Imran Khans Cancer Hospital.

Macedonia We supplied food, equipment and beds for the displaced refugees.

Kosovo we supplied medical supplies and equipment.